5 Bucket List Trips for True Sports Lovers

If sports are in your blood, then you already know: There is no off-season. There’s always some kind of competition to watch or, just as importantly, some sacred spot to pay your respects to the greats. We’ve put together a list of 5 must-visit destinations for sports aficionados. A “fan” might make it one or […]

The 8 Best Cities for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Getting the whole gang together to celebrate a pre-wedding last hurrah? Sure, you could go to Las Vegas, but why not branch out: These eight cities are perfect destinations for bachelor party and bachelorette party getaways. You’ll find exciting nightlife, plenty of spots for relaxing and pampering and, yes, even cultural activities if the cocktails […]

Big City Getaways for Less: 5 Cheap Places to Stay Next-Door

Who says you have to pay big city prices for big city trips? Savvy travelers know you can save tons by staying in towns and cities right next door to your main destination. Hotel prices are much less expensive, but getting into an around is as easy as renting a car or even taking public […]

Hotelpower, the new site that pinky promises to be cheaper

You don’t need a new hotel booking site? Oh, but what about one that will get you a better price? And LIfestyle Cash to spend. I think of the battle between hotels and Airbnb as Goliath facing David. Only with David played by Damien from “The Omen.” The pressure on hotels to be ever cheaper […]

HOTELPOWER.COM Debuts First hotel site to offer up to 70% savings off public rates, HotelPower.com enters market with juiciest deals globally

Hotel and travel discount sites that used to treat travelers all the same, are getting a new colleague who has negotiated way beyond where hotel negotiations have gone before. A new website launching today, HotelPower.com, will change the way travelers get more savings squeezed out of every hotel stay, thanks to the connections, buying power […]

5 New Travel Startups That Think They’ve Solved Hotel Booking

The mistake that many travel startups make is catering to the consumers rather than the businesses that actually make a travel experience what it is. These startups have their focus in the right place. HotelUpgrade leverages upgrades to incentivize guests to directly on hotels’ brand websites. Individual hotels will offer custom upgrades including free Internet, […]

I’m giving away $500 in HotelPower credit – here’s how to qualify

Can you feel the excitement building? Every day during our October fundraiser, I’ve been giving away luggage, books and other amazing travel premiums. But now it’s time for the Big One. I have in my hands a $500 certificate for a hotel stay, courtesy of a new site called HotelPower. The site, launched just last […]

Seniors on the Go: New hotel booking options

Looking for the best hotel deals? Every few months some new online hotel booking agency claims it has the best system. Unfortunately, some are “me, too,” rather than genuinely innovative, but truly new ideas crop up from time to time. One genuinely innovative new website is Bidgo Travel, which is applying the eBay principle to […]

Travel Tip: Find Serious Discounts at These New Hotel Booking Sites

Booking a hotel used to be as easy as picking up the phone, and I’m still a big believer in that. But now there are some new hotel booking sites that can help you find a good deal. A UK-­based site called Secret Escapes has deals as low as 70 percent off, IF you book […]

New Booking Site Promises ‘Ridiculous’ Hotel Deals

Promising the “juiciest deals globally,” new booking site HotelPower.com hopes to entice shoppers looking for bargain-priced hotel rooms. Membership costs $49.99 annually, and members get access to an inventory of about 400,000 properties worldwide. HotelPower says it offers up to 70 percent off rack rates at these properties. That’s a big claim. We recently took […]