Startup pitch: HotelPower touts hotel discounts if you join its club

Imagine getting a room during second week of November at San Francisco’s Parc 55 Wyndham in Union Square for $387 a night — 24% off the $510 retail rate. Or Miami’s Four Seasons for $312, or a claimed 32% off. Or New Orleans’s Omni Royal for $179, or a touted 34% off. These are some […]

Travel Insurance

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Amazing Places

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Top 5 Vacation Destinations for Sports Fans

Americans are crazy about sports. The Gallup Poll shows that nearly 6 out of 10 Americans are sports fans. 1 in 4 American adults play sports today, but almost three-quarters of them played sports when they were younger. The good news is that if you love sports, there are plenty of travel destinations that are a sports fan’s delight: 1. […]

Traveling With Disabilities

Having tips on how to make travel more accessible can be valuable information, especially when 1 in 5 Americans are living with a disability. Everyone should be able to experience the joy that travel brings. Whether you have a disability or you are traveling with someone who has a disability, initially you may you may […]

Make Labor Day Your Day!

We all know Labor Day was established to honor the contributions of the American workers. It’s a day—a Monday at that—when the working class can actually enjoy a day of catch up on traveling. Mondays can be great again for this one day only. Make this day your day. Whatever you decide to do on this day, we’ve got […]

Perfect Weekend Getaway Cities

With Labor Day around the corner, many people are getting ready to plan short weekend getaways. Short history lesson: The first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882 in NYC. It is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. In short, it celebrates that you are a hardworking American! So […]

Find Flavorful Food on Your Vacation

During vacations, one of the best experiences is trying tasty foods. We know you don’t want to eat room service and traditional foods you can find in America. The most memorable trips come with delicious dining, which includes cultural cuisine. While on your getaway in The Bahamas, Tennessee and California, you’ll get a feel for […]