During vacations, one of the best experiences is trying tasty foods. We know you don’t want to eat room service and traditional foods you can find in America. The most memorable trips come with delicious dining, which includes cultural cuisine. While on your getaway in The Bahamas, Tennessee and California, you’ll get a feel for the city’s culture and flavorful food.

The Bahamas

While in Freeport, Bahamas, not only will you enjoy the tropical island’s beautiful beaches, but also the taste of the culture. Bahamian dishes mostly consist of seafood, from conch fritters to benny cakes. Catch Irie’s Caribbean food, which has a colonial-style casual dining. The restaurant is divided into diverse rooms that represent the colors and character of the island. And don’t worry, if you miss your American dishes or want to try international flavors, The Bahamas has you covered. You won’t have to kiss your Chinese food and pizza goodbye. Head on over to Pizza Hut if you’re feeling homesick and want to get get your pizza fix. Also, the very chic China Beach gives you the exotic flavors of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and more. You will love all of this flavorful fare in Freeport.

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The Smoky Mountains

Hike on up to the Smoky Mountains and get good ole Southern fixings. Seafood, BBQ, and brew is what you’ll find at these restaurants. In Pigeon Forge, try Paula Dean’s Family Kitchen for a variety of vittles from fried grits, mac and cheese, and butter cake. For the ultimate hot dog, run over to Shakes-n-Dawgs for either a bacon-n-cheddar dawg, moonshine dog, or bagel dawg–among so many others! Then, kick back some beers at the Smoky Mountain Brewery.


Napa Valley

Napa Valley is your go-to place for fine wines and fantastic foods. Get “the perfect pizza” at Ciccio, which was rated one of the best restaurants in Napa according to the city’s website. Made with local and fresh ingredients, their wood-fired pizza is the centerpiece of this Italian restaurant. Take a wine tour by bike, train, trolley, car or limo, and try the flavors that make this valley famous. Who doesn’t love pizza and wine?

When deciding where to stay after indulging in the foods and wines of the area, consider the options available between the traditional Napa hotels and the many B&Bs and smaller properties in the area, like the Napa Inn.